Does slate from Rising & Nelson pass ASTM?

       Yes and no. Rising & Nelson supplies only high quality roofing slate that will last the expected 75+ years of an S1 slate. Rising & Nelson is happy to provide a reasonable number of samples for testing purposes but does not pay for testing. However, due to an error in modernizing verbiage in the ASTM standards the appearance is that most Vermont slates do not meet ASTM standards when tested. Rising & Nelson stands behind their product and has more confidence in their 123 years of experience than in the results of the ASTM tests.

What is a typical lead time for slate?
       That greatly depends on size and color. In general the larger the slate, the longer the lead time. Colors like red, purple and green take longer than blacks and grays. The current demand for a color can also extend lead times. In general, plan well in advance. Calling and placing orders as early as possible will insure timely delivery.

How is slate ordered?
       Slate is ordered by "the square." A square is 100 square feet. A square of slate will cover 100 square feet using a 3-inch headlap.

Can anyone install slate?
       It is best to find an installer with a background in slate. Someone with a construction, and especially a roofing background, may be able to do basic installation with some guidance.

Are all slates equal?
       No. Slates from different parts of the world, as well as different quarries in those regions, have their own characteristics. Some slates are better than others. Some are best suited for indoor use only. Some have not been in production long enough to know how they will last in the long term. some slates are very smooth and uniform. Some are very textured.

Where is Mr. Mertz?
Mr. Mertz is happily retired and living in Connecticut. He misses the
slate business but has turned over the operation of Rising & Nelson to his
hand picked successor, Steve Williams.

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